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Mary Madison Studios

As the featured writer for the Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce Monthly Newsletter, I have the opportunity to spotlight local businesses, people, and non-profits.

Weddings are magical. As in, whether a large ceremony with hundreds of guests, or standing together in front of the Justice of the Peace with your closest friends and parents, you’ll be in a dreamlike state for the entire event. When the day is over, and the enchantment has worn off, the two of you will look back on the day and wonder, “did we eat?”

Enter the importance of the wedding photographer! Photos of your special day will help you recall all the beautiful memories of the occasion.

What better duo to capture those memories, than the husband and wife team of Mary Madison Studios! They understand the enchantment, the flow of the wedding, the unexpected moments, and the occasional bumps in the process. They’re married; they’ve experienced the magic, and they know exactly how to seize those moments that seem fleeting during your cherished day!

Kathleen and Dave Bonney are the artists that make-up Mary Madison Studios. The business name comes from their middle names: Kathleen Mary and Dave Madison. Both grew up in Cape Vincent, became friends over their passion for photography, and fell in love. 

Kathleen, also known as Kat, formally a Trottier, credits The Latimars, a brother and sister photography team from Boston, for teaching her the fundamentals of wedding shoots. Dave attributes his time spent in Rochester after graduating from JCC and years photographing arbitrary patrons while tending bar, for honing his skills. And, both acknowledge the discovery of their eye for photography to Cape resident, and retired TI Art Teacher, George Mingle. When each was a High School student, they took his Black & White Photography Class and realized then they had a talent with the camera.

Mary Madison Studios has been in business since 2015. In those five years, they have fulfilled 75 weddings! As well as, get married to each other – in June 2017 – buy a house, and have a baby – in July 2019. WHEW!

What sets Mary Madison apart from other wedding photographers, is the time and care Dave and Kat spend with the couple. Dave credits Kat with an important conversation that many are afraid to present. Kathleen sits down with the bride-to-be to discuss the realty versus expectation of the wedding day to dispel unrealistic goals.

On the day of the wedding, Dave and Kathleen start their day early, and are the last to leave at the end of the day. They split at first, Kathleen follows every movement of the bride and bridesmaids, Dave monitors every detail of the groom and the groomsmen. Coming together for the ceremony to work jointly to get those perfect shots. At the reception, they work the crowd to get those “spontaneous” shots as well as the traditional. Dave has been known to prove his skill for dancing too when the party floor needs a livelier participation. 

By spending that extra time with the couple, caring enough to be early and stay to the very end, they guarantee the couple more genuine memories of their special day.

I asked Dave and Kathleen if the wedding photography field was a cutthroat business. They completely dismissed any notion of competition. Just the contrary, they described it as a nurturing and generous environment. They’re friends with most of the North Country photographers. And, if Dave and Kat can’t fulfill a wedding, they happily refer the engaged couple to one of the trusted, local wedding photographers, because they know the same would be done for them.

One local wedding photographer, whom Dave and Kathleen seek advice from and consider a mentor, also lives in Cape Vincent. Kristen of Kristen Charles Photography is a portrait photographer with a studio located in Watertown. When Dave and Kathleen need business advice, or have a question about photography, they go to Kristen. It was Kristen, whom they chose, to be their photographer when they wedded in Dave’s father’s backyard in the summer of 2017.

Talking with Dave and Kathleen, it’s clear their passion for photography. They both get a twinkle in their eye and a glow about them when they talk about their craft. And, they don’t do just weddings, they also do engagement, newborn, maternity, lifestyle, and senior photos. 

Mary Madison Studios is not their only profession. Kathleen is employed at Converse Laboratories Inc in Watertown. The company that originally started as a dairy lab, and today is better known for testing drinking and non-potable water supplies. Dave works for Watertown Savings Bank. He is also a trustee on the Village Board; and, is enthusiastic to be working with current Mayor Golden and his vision for riverfront revitalization.

When they are not working their day jobs or shooting photos, they are busy caring for and raising the cutest baby. Owen entered their lives in July 2019. Always the professionals and undeterred by swollen ankles, Dave and Kathleen were shooting a wedding five days before Owen’s arrival! They also like to work on their house, as well as travel when they get the chance.

You can access the Mary Madison Studios portfolio through their website:  You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram

“Mary Madison Studios” was published in the March 11th edition of the Thousand Islands Sun newspaper, as well as the Chamber newsletter.

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